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You want it easy, you want it fun, but way more than this, you want it forever. Tropical Portuguese is the way to have it all. Through custom-made materials and real attention to your interests and needs, here you will pave your way to the amazing memories you’ll make in Brazil.

About Tropical Portuguese

More than (new) words

I’m Vlad, as in Vla-g, with a funny /g/ sound at the end, the way we say it in Brazil. (By the way, your name will be the first thing you’ll have to get used to in Portuguese, and you will love it.)

As a polyglot and digital nomad, I’ve heard my name pronounced different ways in different languages. These recurring situations got me thinking that all those who symbolically gave me new names also gave me opportunities to reinvent myself.

And I’ve seized them.

I have learned a few languages while traveling, and these experiences helped me discover that they are much more than just new words for things and ideas I already knew. They are cultural gates to new realms of understanding. They give us the chance to update our points of view, expand and enrich our social circle, and even improve our way of living.

If you want Portuguese to be an experience as transforming as language learning has been for me, you have found your place.

Seize this opportunity yourself and discover your next you.

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Learning Portuguese is a way for you to connect with people; that’s why our resources have been viewed so many times. They offer you the chance to feel like you’re in Brazil for a bit, which will help you feel comfortable once you’re here. You will discover everything about current affairs, gastronomy, events, culture, and much more through the great articles, courses, lessons, and newsletters we have carefully written, scripted, shot, and published for you!
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Vlad and I have incredible conversations and he corrects my mistakes and shares new vocabularies and phrases with me each class. I feel super happy after each class! It’s like going to the gym, but for my brain! He is not only my teacher, but also my friend!

Alison Crosland, from the United Kingdom

When I moved to São Paulo, Brazil, I only knew what Duolingo taught me. But Vlad created a safe space for me to learn and dedicated himself to my development, he gave me the confidence to connect with people. He even took time to get to know me in person when I arrived in the city! He started out as my teacher … but he quickly became a friend.

Eddie Garcia, from the United States

In less than four months, Teacher Vlad helped me to have an intermediate level of Portuguese. Vlad adapts each class to achieve my professional and personal learning goals. Each class is dynamic and includes innovative methods for learning and interacting with the language. Thank you very much, Vlad!

Sebastien Burgess, from France

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In this eBook, you’ll learn the most important tricks to sound like a native and the essential idioms that every Brazilian Portuguese learner needs to know.

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