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Learning Portuguese is much more than knowing how to express your ideas in another vocabulary and structure. Knowing and interacting with speakers from another part of the globe will help you discover completely new ways of understanding the world.

Even before I was a language teacher, I was already a polyglot with a passion for languages. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and French, but I have flirted with 8 languages from different regions of the world at different times, some for a few months, others for a few years.

For some time I was fluent in Italian after living in Venice and other cities in Northern Italy. I worked as a chemist in Barcelona for a year and there I learned Catalan, a language that I can barely use today, but that brought people I can call friends to this day. I travelled through Turkey for a month and there I learned the basics of Turkish and a lot about the historical and cultural wealth of that country. Years ago I fell in love with a girl from Dusseldorf and for a year I studied German, which, by contrast, brought me new perspectives on my own culture.

These wonderful experiences convinced me that, even when you learn little more than the basics of a language, incredible lessons remain well beyond the vanishing of that vocabulary from your memory. Lessons far more important than grammatical.

These experiences marked me in a positive and profound way. So profoundly that I decided to dedicate myself professionally to helping people like you. And with Tropical Portuguese I aim at facilitating the process that will allow you to live moments as incredible as the ones I described.

Here you will find all the necessary content to learn about Brazil, our language and culture and thus make the most of the experience of meeting new people and places!

Welcome to Tropical Portuguese, where your biggest adventure begins.

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If you need to learn the basics in a really short period, if you need to reach conversational level in a few months, or even if you want to master Portuguese once and for all, you should look for experienced help to get there and beyond.

With my time-tested method and a tailor-made approach to lesson design you will reach your goal.  Guaranteed.

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